Various types of most attractive and stylish coat stands can not only be extremely useful for the house but may also increase the aesthetic beauty and style statement of the house. This elegant and best quality coat stands work as beautifying pieces for the house and may grab attention of many visitors and guests. Some of the best types of coat stands that are quite popular in the households are as follows:

Coat Rack and Mirror

This stylish type of coat stand comes along with attached mirror in it, which serves the dual purpose of coat support as well as glancing mirror. These coat stands are very attractive to look at since they appear bright from far away. They are also provided with few small partitions and arms to allow the support of multiple coats.

Tree Stand

This is one of the simplest and most attractive types of coat stands that look more like a showpiece rather than a coat stand. Most of the people purchase this type of coat stand for the simple reason of enhancing their style statement. Made in the shape of the tree, these stands are easy to move and provide enough support to hang several coats together.

Hook Coat Rack

This is not exactly a coat stand but a collection of hooks that enables support for various apparels and clothes such as coats, jackets, shirts etc. These are available in plastic and in metallic steel and look very magnificent in bright light. The shining metallic type of coat stand can be attached on the wall or the door and is a very useful piece of tool to support clothes.

Twisted Coat Stand

Another innovative and beautifully designed piece of coat stand is the twisted stand. This type of stand is twisted or bent at both the ends and given a unique shape to make it appear like a flowery substance. This is one of the best looking and stylish type of coat stand.


This type of coat stand, as the name suggests, is generally used to hang clothes for kids. Owing to the small sizes coats of the children, this type of stand is just perfect for their coats. This small and beautiful stand can be carried from one place to other because of its small size and lightweight.

The above few types of coat stands are very beautiful and can make the house or even office look elegant and graceful.